Barraba Show 2015

Superman’s barn and the coal mine

A few years ago those people who scout for great movie locations wandered across the Liverpool Plains in North West NSW to find the perfect farm backdrop for the 2006 installment of the Superman franchiase – Superman Returns.
They decided on a flat expanse of cropping country with dark chocolate soils and a patchwork of white, yellow, red and green paddocks depending on what seeds the local farmers had sown, with smokey blue hills in the distance.
The movie people came, made their movie and left, taking everything with them except for an American style barn which is now being used as, yes you guessed it, a barn. They left the landscape as it had been before they made their DC Comics character fight with aliens to save planet earth.
And it would be a good thing if they sent Superman back today. Not to make another movie, we don’t want the made up cartoon guy with a cape and unmovable hair … we want the real thing. We need a Superman (or woman) to save planet earth again … specifically the Liverpool Plains from being dug up for the coal that sits under the chocolate brown soils that are not just good for growing farm crops in but are the BEST soils in the country for the task. Sorry, long sentence.
Anyway, we have the barn and the backdrop, we just need a super few people with a bit of forward thinking to realise that digging up ancient dinosaurs and swamps and trapped sunlight so we can burn it to make power to run our TVs so we can watch movies is pretty daft when there’s enough sunlight falling out of the sky to do the job.
I for one would much prefer we leave the landscape as it is.

superman's barn

The stockman