Anne Greenwood began her writing life as a country reporter for the Northern Daily Leader Newspaper and rapidly won the award for Worst Speller in The History of That Publication. She went on to work in the newspaper’s subbing department where she was given the chance to misspell words in 110 point typeface thereby winning the award for the Biggest Spelling Mistake Ever. Literally.

Saved only by her enthusiasm and low position on the AJA payscale, she was subsequently promoted to editor of the now defunct You Magazine for two years where cost cutting forced her to learn how to be a photographer.

It was a turning point in her career because, with a camera in her hand, Anne found a way of telling a story without needing to spell.

She now works on an ad hoc basis as a freelance photojournalist and as media/journalism teacher with TAFE NSW and private sector education provider Ufocus Tamworth.

She is also working on a novel.

She has an Emma Darcy Award for an unpublished romance manuscript, is a member of the alumni at Varuna The National Writers’ House, a member of the Australian Society of Authors, a member of the Society of Professional Obituary Writers, has a number of short stories published in Romance Writers of Australia Little Gems anthologies and …. drum roll please …… spellchecker.

In her spare time she plays the cello badly and travels well.

If you have a writing or photo job you’d like me to help you with, please fill in the contact form and I’ll get back to you.