I’m a former newspaper reporter and magazine editor. I teach photography at TAFE NSW and shoot for stock companies and magazines. I also write and play the cello badly. Very badly. I love rain and snow and walking … preferably up hills in the rain and/or snow which I believe comes from the fact that I currently live in country NSW where it’s dry, hot and flat. Really hot. Really dry and really flat.

I also love to play in the garden and have turned a back yard tennis court (stupid things tennis courts!) into a vegetable garden and am currently working on a paddock to plate type book on everything you need to know about growing your own food and what to do with it once you have. It’ll be an old fashioned, back to basics book about how we can all take more control of what we eat.

Other than that I’m an incorrigible traveler mostly to places that are cold and wet and have hills.

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